Dog-Gone Furbabyz

Exciting Changes at the Daycare

We would like to introduce ourselves to all of the loyal pet owners that have trusted Dog-Gone Furbabyz with their loveable dogs over the past 5 years. My wife Jeanna and I are proud to announce we are the new owners of Dog-Gone Furbabyz.
Jeanna-Randy-vWe both grew up animal lovers and formed our blended family in 2000. Jeanna brought a Wheaton Terrier into the marriage and I brought a red Miniature Pinscher to the relationship. The dogs spent many happy years together before going to the doggie daycare in the sky 2 ½ years ago. We moved from the suburbs of Kansas City to the St. Louis Loft District shortly after that time. Unable to deny our need for a new dog to make us feel like the most incredible people in the world, we found our Morkie, Rally. Like many of you, it was our work hours and Rally’s love of playtime that brought us to Dog-Gone Furbabyz. From the first visit we fell in love with the atmosphere Shanna and her staff had created at the daycare. When they started calling Rally by name as soon as he walked through the door we were hooked. Knowing how much fun he was having during the day and how tired he was in the evenings we started bringing him regularly.
We are new owners, but the same amazing people are caring for your dog every day.
Keep your eyes out for some improvements planned to improve the experience of both pet and parent.
Jeanna and I look forward to learning both you and your dog’s name. Please say hello when you see us.

Randy & Jeanna Roderick

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